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Blessed to have work included with a fierce array of poets in a Special Issue of the Delaware Poetry Review“This Thing Called Life”: Poetry Inspired by the Music and Spirit of Prince


Speak Water


Speak Water by Truth Thomas, NAACP Image Award Winner for Outstanding Literary Work in Poetry – Only $12.00 on Cherry Castle Publishing – Click Here to OrderSPEAK WATER

“Well, I didn’t think Truth Thomas could write a still finer book than A Day of Presence and Bottle of Life, but here he has gone and done it. Writing from the streets of the suffering cities, writing riffs on damn near everything from Genesis and Lamentations to Langston and Etheridge, Amiri and Aretha, a soul-singer, a satirist, a born lover and magical metaphor-maker, Truth is his name for a reason. Speak Water is a book that’s deep and wide. You’ll be transformed when you get to the other side.” — Alicia Ostriker



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TRUTH THOMAS is a singer-songwriter and poet born in Knoxville, Tennessee and raised in Washington, DC. He studied creative writing at Howard University and earned his MFA in poetry at New England College. His collections include Party of Black, A Day of Presence, Bottle of Life and Speak Water, winner of the 2013 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work in Poetry. His poems have appeared in over 150 publications, including: Poetry Magazine, The Journal of Hip Hop Studies, and The 100 Best African American Poems (edited by Nikki Giovanni).  He is the founder of Cherry Castle Publishing, creator of the Skinny poetry form, a former writer-in-residence for the Howard County Poetry and Literature Society (HoCoPoLitSo), and serves on the editorial boards of the Tidal Basin Review and The Skinny Poetry Journal.

Yellow Medicine Review



Yellow Medicine Review (Spring 2014)

Guest edited by Carter Meland

Cover art by Carolyn Lee Anserson

Honored to have a piece in this beautiful journal along with: Anne Carly Abad, Patricia Albers, Scott Andrews, Alice Azure, b: william bearhart, Benjamin V. Burgess, Javier Caravantes, Hans M. Carlson, Pauline Brunette Danforth, Royce K. Freeman, Laura M. Furlan, Linda LeGarde Grover, Jane Haladay, Blake M. Hausman, Ernestine Hayes, Travis Hedge Coke, Alexis Ivy, Toshiya Kamei, Ryan Kanaiokahome Poiekeala Kanakaole, Cecelia Rose LaPointe, Larry Lefkowitz, Denise Low, Dwayne Martine, Molly McGlennen, Tiffany Midge, Carol Miller, Suzanne Zahrt Murphy, Tim Nuttle, Rebecca Pelky, Marcie Rendon, Pamela Rentz, Carter Revard, Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes, Truth Thomas, Jay Hansford C. Vest, vera wabegijig, David Weiden, Kim Wensaut, Gwen N. Westerman, Diane Wilson, and Karenne Wood.

To order copies go to: http://www.yellowmedicinereview.com/id13.html

Cherry Castle Publishing

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Cherry Castle Publishing is one of America’s newest and most energetic publishers of great literature. Founded by Truth Thomas, it is a press that honours the vibrant multicultural voice of American literature, one book at a time. Its fundamental mission is to practice literary equality and to embrace work that is informed by the social, political and cultural vigor of our times.

Cherry Castle Publishing
where words grow mighty trees

The Skinny Poetry Journal Call for Submissions

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The Skinny Poetry Journal (TSPJ) is a literary journal dedicated to The Skinny poetry form. A Skinny is a short poem form that consists of eleven lines. The first and eleventh lines can be any length (although shorter lines are favored). The eleventh and last line must be repeated using the same words from the first and opening line (however they can be rearranged). The second, sixth, and tenth lines must be identical.NOTE: All the lines in this form, except for the first and last lines, must be comprised of ONLY one word. The Skinny was created by Truth Thomas in the Tony Medina Poetry Workshop at Howard University. TSPJ is based in Washington, D.C., and edited by Truth Thomas (in concert with a team of other D.C. based poets).

The point of the Skinny, or Skinnys, is to convey a vivid image with as few words as possible. Skinny poems can be about any subject. They can also be linked, like Haiku, Senryu or Tanka. To submit your Skinnys for TSPJ publishing consideration, email:
theskinnypoetryjournal@gmail.com with your poem, or poems, copied into the body of your email.

My TV is Not the Boss of Me


My TV is Not the Boss of Me by Truth Thomas and Cory Thomas
Only $15.00 on Cherry Castle Publishing
Click Here to Order: MY TV IS NOT THE BOSS OF ME

Recommended for children Ages 6+

“My TV is Not the Boss of Me’ is Me right on time! In a world that quantifies and qualifies value by a media measuring stick, someone has to stand up and shout ‘Stop!’ This voice of reason is Mya, a little girl of color. Empowered by her ever-present parents, Mya eventually decides her own worth and silences her media critics. Artfully illustrated and masterfully written, this book is a must read for all kids – and some adults, too.”  Antoinette Brim, author of Icarus in Love

“Mya is learning through trial and error, and the guidance of a good mom and dad, that self-worth is not found by conforming to the media’s standards of beauty and success. A smart, but impressionable girl, she comes out on the positive side in the end and becomes a role model for children everywhere. With its fine illustrations and timeless message, My TV is Not the Boss of Me should be the first of many books where we adventure with Mya and are encouraged, with each turn of the page, to be our very best.”
Niki Herd, writer, author of The Language of Shedding Skin


Party of Black

Party of Black by Truth Thomas
Collector’s Item: mouthmark/flipped eye publishing
Click Here to Order: PARTY OF BLACK (Out of Print)

“It’s love in the face of brutal truths of history that brings out the politically focused anger fuelling this fiery, intimate début.”
— urbancode magazine

A Day of Presence

A Day of Presence by Truth Thomas
Only $12.95 on flipped eye publishing
Click Here to Order: A DAY OF PRESENCE

“Truth Thomas’ audacious first pamphlet, Party of Black, not only introduced us to his eloquent, politically-charged voice, but also to a new poetic form of his own invention – the Skinny. In A Day of Presence, his first full collection, he deals with love – for the streets he was raised in, for his people, for womankind – and claims recognition and respect for African Americans, who have been present since, and contributed to, the birth of America as we know it. Sophisticated, confident in tone and daring in form, A Day of Presence announces the arrival of a major voice in American poetry, and a very necessary one.” — Nii Ayikwei Parkes, author of Tail of the Blue Bird

Bottle of Life

Bottle of Life by Truth Thomas
Only $12.95 on flipped eye publishing –
Click Here to Order: BOTTLE OF LIFE

“This is the language of collard greens and black-eyed peas seasoned with fatback and Big Mama’s sweet tea. From Tennessee to the Gaza Strip, Truth Thomas’ genius lies in his ability to take us places where we’ve never been before. Each page is like plucking the strings of a bass guitar, but the beat never gets too heavy, the message is always clear, the craft exquisite and masterful.” — Randall Horton, author of The Lingua Franca of Ninth Street