My TV is Not the Boss of Me


My TV is Not the Boss of Me by Truth Thomas and Cory Thomas
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Recommended for children Ages 6+

“My TV is Not the Boss of Me’ is Me right on time! In a world that quantifies and qualifies value by a media measuring stick, someone has to stand up and shout ‘Stop!’ This voice of reason is Mya, a little girl of color. Empowered by her ever-present parents, Mya eventually decides her own worth and silences her media critics. Artfully illustrated and masterfully written, this book is a must read for all kids – and some adults, too.”  Antoinette Brim, author of Icarus in Love

“Mya is learning through trial and error, and the guidance of a good mom and dad, that self-worth is not found by conforming to the media’s standards of beauty and success. A smart, but impressionable girl, she comes out on the positive side in the end and becomes a role model for children everywhere. With its fine illustrations and timeless message, My TV is Not the Boss of Me should be the first of many books where we adventure with Mya and are encouraged, with each turn of the page, to be our very best.”
Niki Herd, writer, author of The Language of Shedding Skin