The NAACP Image Award-Winning Speak Water

Speak Water by Truth Thomas, NAACP Image Award Winner for Outstanding Literary Work in Poetry – Only $14. 99 on Cherry Castle Publishing – Click Here to OrderSPEAK WATER

“Well, I didn’t think Truth Thomas could write a still finer book than A Day of Presence and Bottle of Life, but here he has gone and done it. Writing from the streets of the suffering cities, writing riffs on damn near everything from Genesis and Lamentations to Langston and Etheridge, Amiri and Aretha, a soul-singer, a satirist, a born lover and magical metaphor-maker, Truth is his name for a reason. Speak Water is a book that’s deep and wide. You’ll be transformed when you get to the other side.” — Alicia Ostriker

“There is a certain spirituality always in the poetry of Truth Thomas. Speak Water resonates with Thomas’ unique blend of the spirit and the self. He has his own grounded language, and delivery, a cadence that is urban and historical, today, yesterday, tomorrow, but all the time, universal and willing to fight. He is a literary traveler; he goes where the best words are, the best thoughts, he reaches deep into his soul to understand the beauty of people, the songs of those that matter.”
–Brian Gilmore

“Truth Thomas offers powerful verses and insightful reveries, then relieves the ironic pain with reasoned succor–first-aid for the wounded soul. He weaves meanings and codes from biblical notes, personal anecdotes, and political knowledge wielded through experience beyond his years–a mix between Nikki Giovanni at her finest, and Gil Scott-Heron at his sharpest. The poet’s musical cadences and true timing are impeccable, pleasing, charming, and biting. It is truly inspiring to read verses with such lyrical soundings of Black America that are revelatory, romantic, spiritual and political.”
–Dr. Ricardo Guthrie
San Diego Poetry Guild, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, Northern Arizona University